About Us

Managing a construction project all the way from design to occupancy can be a very complex process. Traditional pressures of quality, cost, time and safety in addition to increasing demands by clients and users, recent advances in technology, and more stringent regulations have intensified the need for professionals who have the right combination of technical and management skills and expertise to undertake those challenges. These professionals also need to be able to work effectively in all types of settings, think critically, work well in teams and communicate effectively. The University of Manitoba Construction Engineering and Management Group was established to achieve those objectives.

The University of Manitoba Construction Engineering and Management Group offers the first academic graduate program of its kind in the region. Through strong links with industry, professional institutions and governments, the group aims to increase local and national capacity for research that addresses real-life barriers to the management of the design, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure. The group conducts innovative research that addresses the needs of the local industry, offers relevant educational opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate levels and engages in technology transfer and outreach activities to maintain its link with the industry and community.

Department of Civil Engineering | University of Manitoba