Whole Life Appraisal and Post Occupancy Evaluation of Green Buildings in Use in Manitoba

Research efforts addressing the whole life appraisal and post-occupancy evaluation of green buildings in the literature have been fragmented, and have failed to capture the actual performance of buildings in-use, especially in Canada. The goal of this research project is therefore to develop a comprehensive empirical model for the whole life appraisal and post-occupancy evaluation of green buildings in-use in Manitoba. Specific objectives include applying the model to: 1) evaluate the actual energy performance of green buildings in Manitoba, 2) evaluate their economic performance and 3) investigate occupant satisfaction, behaviour, performance and use of green buildings. The significance of this research stems from the need to appraise decisions to invest in green buildings from a whole life perspective and facilitate the lifecycle management of these buildings to improve their long-term effectiveness.

The project involves a methodology that focuses on 1) the analysis of whole building systems, 2) the use of a whole life costing approach and 3) the use of case studies of actual existing buildings and actual documented data. Evaluating the energy and economic performance of green buildings will entail comparing their documented energy (e.g. electricity, gas and oil), capital (e.g. construction) and running (e.g. energy, operating, and maintenance) costs to those of comparable conventional ones to determine their effectiveness. Evaluating occupancy will involve analyzing qualitative aspects of occupancy through building occupants’ surveys, and quantitative objective performance and productivity data.

This project will provide a large comparative database on green and conventional buildings in Canada. It is also expected to contribute to developing a body of knowledge that can be used to improve and substantiate current existing green building schemes and standards, develop new ones, and develop evidence-based guidance for practitioners and policy-makers to inform the design, construction, operation and maintenance of green buildings.

Principal Investigator(s): Mohamed Issa
Research Assistant (s): Mohamed Ouf, Ahmed Radwan, Abdul-Manan Sadick
Funding Source(s): NSERC Discovery Grant
Funding Amount: $138,000
Project Duration: April 2012-March 2018

Department of Civil Engineering | University of Manitoba