Enhancing the Performance and Productivity of the Canadian Construction Industry through Appropriate Digital Technology Adoption

The dominant impediments to increasing the rate of innovation and improving productivity in the Canadian Construction Industry are related to accessing knowledge in the appropriate form to support decision making, and realizing the necessary capacity to successfully adopt and implement new technologies (or methodologies). The proposed research project will provide solutions to overcoming these barriers in support of Digital Technologies adoption. The proposed project will build on a method for a comprehensive assessment of construction firmsí operational processes and capacity with respect to digital technologies, and identify areas with the potential to improve firm performance and productivity through successful adoption. The enhanced methodology will then be applied to a series of diagnostic projects with construction companies in Manitoba with the intention of: 1) identifying candidates for technology adoption projects, and 2) adding to an existing benchmarking database of management practices for the construction industry.

Principal Investigator(s): Jeff Rankin
Collaborator(s): Thomas Froese, Carl Haas and Mohamed Issa
Research Assistant(s): Rhoda Quaigrain
Funding Source(s): IRAP DTAPP
Funding Amount: $20,000
Project Duration: September 2013-March 2014

Department of Civil Engineering | University of Manitoba