Evaluating the Accessibility of the Manitoban Construction Industry to Physically Disabled Construction Workers and its Relation to Safety Performance

The goal of this study is to investigate the accessibility of the Manitoban construction industry’s accessibility from a disability management perspective and its relation to safety performance. The research aims more specifically to develop and apply a model that would evaluate the maturity of the local industry’s disability management practices and investigate the relationship between the maturity of these practices and its actual disability management and safety performance. The model will aim to evaluate disability management from a managerial perspective; it will focus on physical disability in particular and will target general contractors focusing on building work specifically. The model will be applied to five local construction companies in order to validate it. This research is expected to provide a tool that construction organizations can use to measure disability management using leading indicators of performance and forecast how well a company is expected to perform with respect to disability management. This is also a tool that can be used in a regulator capacity by the WCB and other regulatory bodies for auditing and evaluation purposes. It is expected to enable a better understanding of the relationship between improved disability management practices and improved safety performance. Should this relationship be proven, it would make the case for the need to better integrate disabled workers in the workplace to improve its safety, lower the rate of injuries and fatalities and by extension decrease costs borne by industry stakeholders and the WCB. Plans will be made to publish the results of the research in scientific journals and present them at national and international conferences. The research will also involve targeting local and national industry conferences and connecting with local associations to disseminate the findings to industry stakeholders.

Principal Investigator(s): Mohamed Issa
Research Assistant (s): Rhoda Quaigrain
Funding Source(s): Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba
Funding Amount: $71,035
Project Duration: March 2014-February 2015

Department of Civil Engineering | University of Manitoba