Evaluation of Indoor Environmental Quality in LEED and Non-LEED Residential Homes

Ft3 Architecture Landscape Interior Design is looking to evaluate whether the 24 housing units itís designed in each of Brandon, Thompson and The Pas, MB are performing as expected. Although all units were designed to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Rating System (LEED) standards, only four, six and another six units in Brandon, Thompson and the Pas respectively received LEED Gold certification. The goal of this pilot project funded through the NSERC Engage Grant is to develop a methodology to conduct a post-occupancy evaluation of the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) of these LEED and non-LEED homes and validate it by applying to a single home in Brandon. The methodology will involve 1) collecting existing design documents for the houses at each site, 2) conducting physical measurements of IEQ and observations of the indoor environment of these houses, and 3) interviewing ft3 designers and home occupants about them. The analysis portion of the methodology will focus on cross correlating data collected using these different methods to evaluate the IEQ performance of LEED versus non-LEED homes. The analysis will also extend to evaluating actual versus projected performance and identifying the factors and variables with the most impact on IEQ. This project aims to offer ft3 Architecture an array of methods that can be used as a tool to evaluate and benchmark the IEQ performance of conventional and green homes. The project will also provide a series of recommendations to improve the design of existing and future similar developments. This and other research should lead in the longer term to a body of knowledge that would translate to improved guidance for green houses and streamline POE methods, thereby increasing Canadian capacity for such research and enabling more thorough evaluations of them.

Principal Investigator(s): Mohamed Issa
Research Assistant (s): Joshua Akom
Funding Source(s): NSERC Engage Grant
Funding Amount: $25,000
Project Duration: May 2015-January 2016

Department of Civil Engineering | University of Manitoba