Mohamed Ouf

Mailing Address:
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Manitoba
E3-211, EITC, 15 Gillson Street
Winnipeg, MB, R3T 2N2

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Degree, Program: PhD
Program Start Date: September 2012

Thesis/ Research Topic: The Effect of School Buildings' Occupancy and Usage on their Energy Consumption

Supervisor(s): Dr. Mohamed Issa

Research Interests:
Construction Management
Sustainability in the Built Environment
Green Buildings Energy Performance
Impact of Occupancy on Energy Consumption in Buildings
Buildings' Lifecycle Assesment

M.Sc. Environmental Engineering, King Abdullah University for Science and Technology, KSA, 2012
B.Sc. Construction Engineering, The American University in Cairo, Egypt, 2010

Employment History:
Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant, University of Manitoba, SEP 2012 – Present
Research Intern, Flemish Institute for Technological research, VITO, Belgium, MAY-AUG 2011
Site Engineer, Borg El Arab International Airport, Orascom Construction Industries, Egypt, JUN-AUG 2009

Bartlett, Karen; Craig Brown; Anne-Mareike Chu; Ghazal Ebrahimi; Mark Gorgolewski; Murray Hodgson; Mohamed Issa; Shauna Mallory-Hill; Mohamed Ouf; Leila Scannell; Adrian Turcato. (2014). "Do Our Buildings Perform as Intended?" World Sustainable Building Conference 2014, October 28-30, Barcelona, Spain

Ouf, Mohamed, Mohamed Issa, Shauna Mallory-Hill.(2014). “A Protocol for Evaluating School Buildings’ Energy Consumption”, 30th Annual Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM) Conference, Sep 1-3,2014, Portsmouth, UK

Ouf, Mohamed, Ahmed Radwan, Mohamed Issa, Shauna Mallory-Hill. (2014). “Methods Used to Conduct a Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Green vs. Non-Green School Buildings in Canada”, International Building Performance Evaluation Symposium, Environmental Design Research Association 45th conference, May 28-31, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Ouf, Mohamed, Mohamed H. Issa, Shauna Mallory-Hill, S. (2013). “An Investigation of Indicators, Metrics, and Methods Used to Measure and Quantify Green Buildings’ Occupancy and Usage”, Sustainable Building 2013-Portugal, October 30-November 1, Guimarães, Portugal

Ouf, Mohamed, Mohamed Issa, Dimos Polyzois. (2013) "A Review of Research on the Energy Performance of Green Buildings and its Relation to Occupancy", 4th Construction Specialty Conference, CSCE Annual Conference, May 29-June 1 2013, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Li, Dong, Mazahirali Alidina, Mohamed Ouf, Jonathan Sharp, Pascal Saikaly, and Jörg Drewes. (2013) "Microbial community evolution during simulated managed aquifer recharge in response to different biodegradable dissolved organic carbon (BDOC) concentrations." Water Research. Volume 47, Issue 7, May 1 2013, Pages 2421–2430

Alidina, Mazahirali, Dong Li, Mohamed Ouf, Jörg E. Drewes. (2013) "Elucidating the Role of the Primary Substrate Composition and Concentration on Attenuation of CECs in MAR Systems", Biological Treatment Symposium, American Water Works Association, March 28-29 2013, Denver, Colorado, USA

Department of Civil Engineering | University of Manitoba